Temperament Test

All new guests are required to pass a temperament test before staying at Off The Leash Pet Care.   Upon completion and passing the test, our new guest will be allowed to stay and play for the rest of the day free of charge.

Call (813) 605-0000 or complete form below to set up a temperament test today.


Before you apply, make sure your dog is:

  • At least four months old (final round of puppy shots required).
  • If male, he is neutered more than six months old.
  • If female, she is spayed regardless of age.
  • On a topical or oral flea control (no powder or flea collars).
  • Vaccinated for DHLPP (or similar), Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies, and Canine Influenza.  Vet documentation required.

All dogs must wear a quick release collar when they stay with us.

Medication  Policies

Medications must be in the pet owners’ original container, appropriately labeled with the veterinary information and directions.

Dosages will not change from the veterinary instructions without written approval from the prescribing veterinary doctor/veterinary office.

Enrollment Registration is Online


Registration Process:

  • Enroll your dog or cat with us by completing the enrollment form, fill out print and bring the form to Off the Leash Pet Care.
  • Our staff will contact you after reviewing your application to schedule a Temperament Test (Preferred by appointment, however, walk-ins welcome).
  • Upload proof of vaccinations to OfftheLeash-Tampa.com or bring to Off The Leash Pet Care.
  • Dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella at least one week before staying with us, or if the vaccine is expired more than seven days.
  • Once your dog has a successful temperament test, we will keep your pet for the rest of the day free of charge (First day only), Also, you will be enrolled automatically in our Pet Portal so you can schedule daycare, boarding, and bathing.
  • After the trial is complete, you will receive a report card with information on your daycare.

We are often fully booked ahead of time, so please do not wait, book today.